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Tilt Before Turn

Tilt before turn windows – increasing in popularity…

… and it is no surprise when you see the advantages of paying a little extra and investing in tilt before turn windows!

  • Versatility in opening and closing – the way in which these windows open are versatile and, for many people offer additional safety, especially in the family home.
  • Stylish – top of the range tilt before turn windows can be bought with an internal blinds system negating the need for window dressings or blinds. For this reason, some of these styles of window can be not just double glazed, but triple and even quadruple glazed units.
  • Externally appealing – for many people, replacing windows with double glazed units presents them with limited choice in the styles and finish. However, in recent years, the use of various materials and technology has meant that these choices are beginning to open up to people, with tilt before turn windows being no different. They can be bought and installed in a range of finishes, meaning that external decoration is not needed.
  • Larger windows – having as much natural light in the home as possible is a great way of cutting down on the need to light a home but, opting for bigger windows potentially presents two problems: increased heat loss and poor opening and closing mechanisms due to too much weight on the hinges. However, tilt before turn windows can negate both of these potential pitfalls. The hinges on such a window are incredibly strong, much more so that those found on other window styles.
  • Security – many advocates of the tile before turn window also say that the security of such a window is improved, far beyond that offered by other styles of window. Some manufacturers (but not all, so check this before you buy!) incorporate within the tilt before turn window frame a series of locks; this effectively means that were some window styles have one or maybe three locking points (central, top and bottom corners), with pressure and force these windows can be forced open. With locking points all around the tilt before turn window, it is impossible to force the window open, without breaking the window itself.
  • Airtightness – increasingly, homeowners are looking to have an airtight home. This effectively means that in a case where a home is 100% airtight, the need for heat is negated. However, for existing properties, it is difficult to get anywhere near this figure. But, strides can be made with the use of such apparatus as the tilt before turn window.

Airtightness is measured on the Pascal scale, with high quality and well-installed tilt before turn windows having a rating of 600 Pascal’s. This is achieved in some higher end models through the use of the locking system and the secondary seals.

The tilt before turn window offers a great response to the needs of many homeowners; why not consider this style for your property?