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Bay Windows

Bay windows – adding a touch of elegance to any home

Graceful, elegant and letting in heaps of natural light, as well glorious sunshine, bay windows in any home can add so much hence it is no surprise that may homeowners looking to install a new window in their property, opt for this style.

The epitome of elegance and luxury, bay windows in any home certainly make an impact. They can be fairly big in size, but their curved shape and ability to let in every last drop of light and sun can transform a room. Quite literally, for relatively little financial investment and minimal upheaval in the home, bay windows instantly transform any property, from the inside and the aesthetic appeal of the exterior.

Can they be installed in any property?

Bay windows are not common in new build properties in any part of the UK, possibly due to cost implications, although they are more commonly associated with older style properties. In the majority of cases, with perhaps some structural work etc., a bay window can be installed.

Many homes with bay windows tend to be in the living area; the grandeur of the window adds instant appeal to the room although in some properties, bay windows also feature in the master bedroom. Whichever room it is, you will enjoy a delightful vista!

Bay window or bow? What’s the difference?!

In many cases, these two phrases are used interchangeably to describe two similar styled windows, but there are subtle differences…

Bay windows:

  • These windows consist of 3 or more large panes of glass, installed at angles to one another. They project out from the property
  • With origins in Victorian architecture, many people opt for bay windows for period properties from this time but, manufacturers are now making ‘modern’ versions that suit the more modern property
  • The original bay window design did not incorporate windows that opened and so, staying true to its Victorian origins may not be useful if you are looking for a way of allowing fresh air into a room

Bow windows:

  • This type of window is still curved, but are installed together in a curved shape; in this respect, they need less structural work that bay windows if adding to a property
  • Like bay windows, they add oodles of light to flood in to a room
  • Again, the original design did not incorporate an opening window, therefore you will need to specify this if you want this in your bow window

Bay windows are undoubtedly a popular choice for many homeowners, especially with so many designs and choices now available to suit all properties.