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The Nu Window Company's windows are manufactured at our own factory to the highest specification so you know that you are getting the best quality at the best price.

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Choose from a range of glazing options to suit your needs and budget, e.g. Standard, A-Rated, and Triple Glazing.

Choosing double glazing windows for your property

If you are looking to either replace current double glazed units, or fit new instead of single pane windows at your property, you have many choices to make. There are many differing styles and designs of double glazing windows on the market today so it is essential that you take your time, considering all the options within your budget, so that you make the right choice…

The different types of double glazing windows;

  • Casement windows – these types of window are popular in larger properties as they are hinged, very much like a door, and can open in to the room or outwards. They also let the light flood in and are known for their versatility when it comes to ‘matching’ a property.
  • Tilt & turn – these double glazing windows offer you a flexible alternative. This type of window can be opened from the side, but also from the top. This is a popular type of window for those customers with small children as they can be open, but safety is not compromised with a full open window (they are also easier to clean the outside pane too!)
  • Georgian bar – for those people living in Georgian properties, the choice of double glazing windows was, at one time, restricted to those that didn’t stand out ‘too much’. However, this Georgian bar design makes them perfect for older properties, combining style and elegance, with improved energy efficiency
  • Sash window – again for many customers with older properties, the sash window is a perfect blend of modern technology with the look and feel of an appropriately styled window. Popular for both Georgian and Victorian properties, this style of window was prone to rattle in the wind but, with double glazed sash window units, this is a thing of the past.

The frames

Add to this choice the need to choose a frame and, broadly speaking, there are three materials that you can choose from, although one is increasingly popular…

  • uPVC – not everyone is in favour of plastic, thinking it looks and feel cheap BUT, as with many things, technology, manufacturing and the increasing use of recycled plastic in these frames are making this material possibly THE most popular choice of double glazing windows across the country! Decreasing in price, their quality is increasing year on year.
  • Wood – timber frames can be expensive, depending on the variety of wood used, with hardwood being the most expensive. They give a property a delightful traditional look but, they do need maintaining (painting or varnishing on a regular basis).
  • Aluminium – back in the 196s and 1970s, as the popularity of double glazing windows and doors gathered pace, the frame material on offer tended to be aluminium. Strong, robust and in need of very little maintenance, this material made sense but, it had one drawback – over time it could rust and generally begin to look unsightly. However, it is still possibly to use this material in frames today.

So many choices! Where will you turn to advice when it comes to choosing double glazing windows for your home or business?

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