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UPVC Doors

The Nu-WIndow Company supply and fit upvc doors across the greater Glasgow area, including upvc front, back, french and patio doors.

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The benefits of uPVC doors at your Glasgow property

Any improvement you make to your property, either in terms of structure or interior design, needs to be carefully thought through. You need to be clear on the budget you have available, as well as the look and finish you are opting for.

There are many benefits to opting for uPVC doors at your Glasgow home or business:

  • Adds value – by making your home more energy efficient with the addition of uPVC doors, you may add value by the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) showing a better energy efficiency rating. This will probably be the case when combined with other energy efficient measures, especially double glazed windows.
  • Adds appeal – by upgrading your current door to uPVC, you are also creating a far more modern approach to the look of your property. This is effect can also add value as buyers are more like to buy a property that has all these improvements already made, over and above a property that need work doing.
  • Options and choices – for many people, the real draw of uPVC doors at their Glasgow home is the fact that there is a range of options when it comes to finish, style and colour. There can also be a choice of glazing too and so creating a uPVC door that is customised to your wants, as well as in keeping with your home is quite easy.
  • Custom size – not all doors are standard sizing and dimensions, thus some uPVC doors will need to be custom made so that they fit perfectly. Many people think that this will add a huge amount to the cost but actually, this is not the case.
  • Money saving – investing in uPVC doors is a great way of saving cash on your energy bills and so a high quality door really will pay you back over the coming years.

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride. It is a material that is versatile and is used in many applications other than doors; we all know that uPVC windows are common as well as guttering and down pipes.

In the manufacturing process, uPVC is wrapped around a steel frame making it much stronger than other material traditionally used for doors and windows. It is also immune to damp and moisture!

If you are looking for high quality uPVC doors, as well as expert installation, call us today!