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UPVC Front Doors

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3 Benefits of uPVC Front Doors

Every change you make to your property should be an improvement that contributes to not only its overall appeal, but how well it functions as a property.

Top of the list of home improvements at the moment is ensuring a property is as energy efficient as possible and a contributing factor to this are double glazed units and doors. Whilst this is clearly a major benefit of uPVC front doors, there are other benefits too…

#1 Increased security

Burglaries are frighteningly common, with devastating effects on the home owner. Forcing a window or a door to gain access is the favoured method of gaining unauthorised entry, along with smashing a window or a door lock.

High quality uPVC front doors have a 5 point locking system – the lock on the handle and at four other points around the frame. This means that forcing the door is incredibly difficult, taking a lot of pressure, time and energy – three things that an opportunistic thief simply doesn’t have.

#2 A great choice of styles and design

Think that uPVC front doors are simply white with a small window and a brass handle? Think again because the range of styles and design has grown considerably.

A white front door may not be your favoured option, preferring instead to have a colour and this is perfectly possible. With uPVC front doors that is made from a range of material, they ae heavier more robust doors that come in a range of colours.

You can choose a front door that stands out or you can opt for one that complements the window frames and the general look of your property.

#3 Improved insulation

Making your home as warm as possible is not about turning the heat up on the thermostat but ensuring that your home retains as much of the heat as it possibly can.

A lot of heat in the home is lost through single pane windows and through gaps in ill-fitting exterior doors. A uPVC front door will make an instant difference to the amount of heat retained in your home, making it feel much cosier and more comfortable.

Need more persuading that uPVC front doors are a great investment?

Even though you may worry about the cost of the door and its fitting, knowing that it will eventually pay for itself in the money it will save you on energy pills should be enough to persuade you what a great idea investing in a new front door would be.

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