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UPVC Back Doors

The Nu-WIndow Company supply and fit upvc back doors across the greater Glasgow area.

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Opting for uPVC back doors – do you need to?

Updating your home is about making it look better and making it a more comfortable place to live. There are all kinds of ways to do this and one way is to upgrade windows and doors to double-glazed units.

uPVC back doors offer all kinds of benefits…

  • Looks – there is no doubt that uPVC back doors look great. They look neat and tidy, instantly giving your home a lift in its appearance
  • Easy to maintain – apart from the odd wash, just like you do windows, uPVC doors are simple and easy to keep clean
  • No maintenance – forget spending your weekend painting exterior door surfaces with exterior gloss paint; with uPVC doors the maintenance required in minimal
  • Energy saving – they stop warm air being lost from your home, and prevent cold air finding its way in thus saving you money on your heating bills
  • Secure – many uPVC back doors offer an increased level of security and this is obviously welcomed by many people; many of the higher quality doors have several locking points between door and frame, making them able to withstand more pressure and force than other types of door
  • Noise reduction – instantly noticeable is the decrease in outside noise filtering in to your home and disturbing you; if you live in a busy street or residential area, it will be an instant benefit that will make a huge difference to you enjoying your home
  • Range of colours and styles – who said a back door has to be boring? You may make more of an effort with the front door as you may think this is what people see, but your back door needs to be just as appealing. Opt from a range of colours and styles.
  • Cost-effective – you may think that you cannot afford a new back door but when you consider that it will eventually pay for itself in savings on your energy bill
  • Robust – the back door can take a lot of abuse and use in its lifetime, from kids running in and out, to your dog jumping and opening the door to let itself back in! You need a back door that is robust and uPVC backdoors are known for being strong and robust
  • Quick, easy installation – as far as home improvements go, having your new back door fitted can be completed within a few hours, with the frame and surrounding wall being made good too, leaving you with no mess – just a fabulous new back door!