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What are composite doors and why are they a great product for your Glasgow home?

Composite is a word that more than one material has been merged or amalgamated, thus a composite door is made up of a variety of elements.

This may give the impression that any material could be used but in all honesty, this is not quite the case. Composite doors are strong and secure, and are built for this exact reason. They offer many features and benefits.

  • Similar in cost to uPVC doors

The variation in cost between one type of door and another varies very little, although depending on the manufacturer and brand, you may find that some composite doors are more expensive.

That said, they can offer slightly more than an ordinary uPVC door and thus, many people tend to opt for these doors if the style fits, and they are within budget.

  • Improved security for the home

When double glazed uPVC doors emerged as being popular some decades ago, there were some serious and valid concerns regarding the lack of security that they offered. In some ways, some cheaper versions of these uPVC doors are the same today. With only one lock, they can be easily drilled and in some cases, the door is simply forced inwards, frame too.

Composite doors tend to be able to withstand more force and pressure from someone attempting to gain unauthorised entry. Look for the ‘Secured by Design’ approval sticker on your choice of composite door.

  • Colour and style

Composite doors look and feel a little chunkier and more substantial. They are also available in a range of colours, including the ability to include a range of decorative glass options.

Many people prefer the look of composite doors at their Glasgow property as they feel that it sits better with the overall look and appeal of their home.

  • Thermal insulation

Double glazed uPVC doors can add an extra layer of protection against heat loss but, composite doors tend to be more highly rated in terms of energy efficient and thermal insulation.

  • Sound proofing

And finally, if you needed any more persuasion, composite doors at your Glasgow home will also sound proof your home even more effectively, deadening any outside noise.

For many people, composite doors – both at the front and the back of the property – are an obvious first choice. Why not take a look at the range of styles and options on offer?