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6 Reason Why uPVC Doors are a Must at Your Home or Business Premises

There are many reasons why uPVC doors are proving popular and here are the top six reasons why you should invest in them too…

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#1 Last for Years

The material uPVC is constantly changing and being improved. As well as being durable and robust, possibly its biggest advantage is that it doesn’t swell, warp or stick, a common problem with wooden doors especially in our damp climate.

#2 Stylish and Appealing

There is a growing range of colour choices and styles, meaning that you can create unique doors for your home or choose from a range of pre-made glazed, non-glazed or partially glazed doors.

#3 Creates the best impression of your home

If you are thinking of selling, you will understand the need to create the right impression within seconds of potential buyers making their way to your door. If you aren’t selling, you still want you home to have kerb appeal.

uPVC doors at your property can do just that!

#4 Improved security

There were concerns with early examples of double glazed doors that the security they offered was weak.

However, the latest uPVC doors are very different. Construction techniques have improved and this means that they are more robust and less susceptible to being forced open.

Fixings have also been improved and with our professional installation team you will have no worries about a weak external door and door frame. In high-quality doors, there are several locking points throughout the frame.

As well as giving you additional peace of mind that you have an incredibly strong front door, your insurers may also offer to reduce your home insurance policy premiums.

#5 Soundproofing

The materials used in uPVC doors and their construction are known to offer improved soundproofing and noise dampening within a building.

Rubber sealed joints and fixings for example, is an excellent material for absorbing sound waves. Many of our customers are surprised – but delighted! – and how much quieter their homes are once double glazed windows and doors have been fitted.

#6 A warmer home

Every homeowner wants a warm home, but without the huge heating bill to match. This means we are all searching for ways to improve insulation at our properties, both the home and business.

uPVC doors at your Area 2 property will instantly make it warmer and more pleasant. This means your boiler won’t be working as hard because your home won’t be leaking heat!

Start saving money and feel more secure in your home with uPVC doors and windows – call our team today for a free quotation.

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