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Benefits of New Double-Glazing Windows

Homeowners are being encouraged to make their homes more energy efficient. There is renewed emphasis on this now that it seems the sources of non-renewable energy are thought to be running low.

The cost of energy has also increased and thus, investing in energy efficient windows and doors is now even more important. There are many benefits of new double glazing windows when you install them in your property:

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Spend move, but re-coup it

There are not many home improvements that you can make that will pay back the initial investment, and more, within years of them being fitted.

New double glazing windows and doors are thought to offer greater energy efficiency as they are of a higher quality that those very early examples, introduced to the UK market more than 20 years ago.

Depending on the current energy efficiency rating of your home, double glazed windows and doors can save you anything from £90 a year on your energy bills to hundreds of pounds.

Reduce noise pollution

Not many people realise but the noise pollution that filters in to your home from the outside can make living in the property unpleasant and stressful.

The benefits of new double glazing windows are that this noise pollution is effectively stopped, or reduced dramatically. Not many people realise until they have new double glazed windows fitted just how noisy their home was, and the impact that this had on how well they lived in their property.

Giving your property a facelift

The first impression of your home is made from the first few seconds that people glance at its exterior. The benefits of new double glazing windows are that the exterior of your home is given an instant facelift, making it look neat, tidy and cared for.

Adding value

Your property is one of the biggest investments you will make and this is why it is important that when you make changes to it, that they add value to your property. Most buyers will expect a property to have all or the vast majority of its windows double glazed. By doing so, your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will improve, thus the value of your property will hold.

Making your home more comfortable

Living in your home should be comfortable and relaxing. Cold draughts and noise filtering in from the outside all contribute to making you feel less at home. The benefits of new double glazing windows at your property mean that once again, you will feel warm and safe in your own space.

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