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The 5 benefits of casement windows at your Glasgow home

Casement windows are ones that are hinged on the side of the window, as opposed to the top or the bottom. Many properties in hotter climates have casement windows as they open fully, allowing for effective ventilation.

If you are considering casement windows for your Glasgow home, there are five distinct benefits…

#1 Casement windows at a Glasgow property will open fully

For some families, this may not be a benefit as such but a danger but, if you have a romantic notion of throwing open the windows at your Glasgow pad and taking in the view and the skyline, then these are the windows for you.

#2 Less fuss and structure

Muntins are strips of wood, vinyl, metal or fibreglass that divides the pane of glass in a window. Sometimes, muntins are desirable, other times not.

With casement windows at your Glasgow property, there is less fuss in terms of muntins and so on, thus again, they fit with the romantic notion of having a clear view through your window without barriers or obscurities in your line of vision.

#3 Ventilation

It can sometimes seem odd but depending the angle of your home, how this affects the breeze and so on can make it difficult to harness natural ventilation during hot summer months. As odd as it may sound, some people find that casement windows, and the fact that they can open fully allows for a play on the breeze.

#4 Better security

Depending on the quality of the window, manufacturer and fixings, some casement windows at Glasgow properties are incredibly hard to force open. This is because casement locks (in some cases) are hooked shaped and embedded in the frame, thus making them virtually untouchable.

#5 Stylish

Casement windows at Glasgow properties can look simply elegant and stylish, when closed but their real beauty, we think, is when they are thrown wide open, allowing air in to a property. They can provide a romantic feel to a property when they are flung open, letting in the sights and sounds of your locality.

Getting the right casement windows for your Glasgow property is important. Make sure you purchase the best quality your budget can stretch to and consider security too. Then all you need to do is sit back, and enjoy the uninterrupted view.

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