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We believe that choosing and installing new windows and doors should be an enjoyable experience so that's why we're very careful to make sure that our customers understand the process from start to finish and don't feel daunted by the prospect.  So that's why we have summarised below some of the most frequently asked questions about what to expect. 

Do you send somebody out to quote?

Yes, we can visit your home at a mutually convenient time and discuss your requirements in the comfort of your own home.  You can relax in the knowledge that this is a free no obligation quote and all we need is some of your time to discuss design ideas and take measurements.  No pressure! Alternatively, if you have rough sizes then just pass them to us and we can send you a remote quote. 

What happens next?

Our general lead time is 5 to 7 working days but this can vary with the amount of work we have scheduled.  For example, the "silly season" - the months during October and December are generally busier so the lead times can go out to around 10 working days but we do all we can to accommodate individual requirements. 

Some customers like to sign on the day and others like to consider and compare quotes.  If you sign on the day you will receive a copy of your contract which specifices the styles, colours and sizes ofyour products so you know exactly what you are getting.  

If you prefer a quotation only at this stage, then we will leave a copy of your quote and you can let us know at your leisure. 

Perhaps you prefer to visit us at our showroom before signing anything and we will be happy to see you and show you our products.  

Once everything is agreed we will contact you to agree your installation date.  

What deposit is required?

Some customers like to pay a deposit upfront and if that's the case we recommend 10%  but this is non-obligatory.  

What happens during the installation?

Since there will be a fair amount of noise, we recommend that all humans as well as animals, that may be sensitive as a result of this, should be removed from the immediate surroundings.  Especially those that suffer from respoiratory problems as we use solvents and glues which are not normally harmful but may cause irritancy to those more sensitive to such products.  We also recommend that you stay away from the work areas to prevent any unnecessary accidents. 

Will my decor be damaged?

When we remove existing windows or doors, we "extract" it as carefully as possible to ensure that we cause as little or not damage to the building as possible.  However, depending on the type of decor in the immediate surroundings of the replacement there may be minimal damage which we will endeavour to make good but unfortuntely we cannot guarantee an exact match to existing decor.  

How long will the job take?

Once you decide to proceed we will arrange a mutually convenient installation date which is generally 7-10 working days following acceptance of the job.  How long we will be at your property all depends on how big the job is but on average on 7 window job and door installation would be two days.  

What do I have to do on the day of installation?

We aim to arrive at your property between 9am and 10am unless a specific arrangement has been made. 

We ask all our customers to provide us with a clear work area by removing all valuables and all curtains, blinds, burglar alarms, door bells etc and arrange for thse to be reiftted once the job is completed.  PLEASE NOTE:  we cannot guarantee that blinds and curtains will fit following the installation.  If you are unable to carry out any of the above due to ill health etc, then please let us know so we can make arrangements.  

Is the glass you fit compliant with building regulations?

Yes!  We only use industry recongised suppliers which ensures all complaince is met as well as providing the most optimal thermal efficiincies to ensure your home is warm and secure at all times.  

We are able to provide certificates of compliance u-values if required.